One Year Anniversary of the Studio Xehryn Website

It's Been One Year

It's one year since the Studio Xehryn website in its current form and the Twitter has been up and running.

For this dev blog, I want to review what has been accomplished during this time, and what is planned for the future.

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Post Date Title
10October 27, 2018One Year Anniversary of the Studio Xehryn Website
9September 29, 2018Project Roguelike: Randomized Loot Drops
8July 28, 2018Meet the Squad: Rondo of Wizardry and Love
7July 24, 2018The Making of a Game Jam Game: Pestilence Stirs
6July 5, 2018End of Windra's Endgame
5March 31, 2018Project Roguelike: Gameplay and Combat
4March 17, 2018Progress Update: Windra's Endgame and Other Projects
3December 31, 2017New Project - First-Person RPG WIP
2December 13, 2017Past to Future - My Beginnings and Future Plans
1October 27, 2017Blog Post One - An Introduction