Meet the Squad: Rondo of Wizardry and Love

About Rondo of Wizardry and Love

Rondo of Wizardry and Love is a tactics RPG set in America in the year 2027. The game is based on the "legend" that people gain wizard powers by staying celibate until they are thirty years old. As you may already tell, the game is comedic in nature.

The story follows a thirty year old businessman named Luciano who comes home to find a strange portal and his "wife" Homura missing. When he steps through the portal, he emerges into a new world, and his wizard powers are awakened. He and his friends then set out on a journey to rescue Homura.

In this blog post, we will see the crew that Luciano musters to help him in his journey to rescue his wife.

Meet the Squad

Wizard The Wizard

Name: Luciano

Age: 30

A wealthy businessman who is married to an anime character. Had delusions of having a hidden power, but "sealed" it away to blend in to society.
Gameplay: Glass cannon but adaptable. He can switch between melee, ranged, and magic attacks.

Edgelord The Edgelord

Name: Zed

Age: 30

Edgy, cynical, nihilistic. Hones his skills with the blade every day. Claims to know kung-fu due to his heritage.
Gameplay: His skills have good critical chance. More advanced skills cost HP to use, but are very powerful.

Swoldier The Swoldier

Name: Mark

Age: 29

Pragmatic and logical. Fitness fanatic who meticulously keeps track of numbers and statistics. Actually used to be very scrawny.
Gameplay: Attacks deal consistent or set numbers. Works great to soften enemies for other allies to finish off (gives more exp).

Prepper The Prepper

Name: Calvin

Age: 28

Conspiracy theorist who believes anything. His distrust in the government led him to stock a fallout shelter. Seemingly impossible to contact.
Gameplay: Attacks are based around WP, the energy resource used for skills. Can also play a supportive role with WP healing, or even giving an ally a second turn.

New Squad Members

These characters join the squad through the course of the game. I won't reveal all of their information here. You'll have to play the game to find out!

Pastafarian The Pastafarian

Name: ???

Age: 30

Atheist turned Pastafarian who takes his "faith" a little too seriously. Often seen playing TCGs with high-schoolers at the comics shop.
Gameplay: Healer. Deals with HP and protection. Also has poke damage for distant enemies and poison for tough enemies.

White Knight The White Knight

Name: ???

Age: 31

Old-fashioned and into historical things. Would probably fit in if transported back to the Middle Ages.
Gameplay: Tanky. Skills are based on DEF and taking hits, like rebounding damage, reducing damage taken, gaining WP when taking hits, etc.

Otherkin The Otherkin

Name: ???

Age: 27

Believes she is a wolf in a human body. Somehow is always carrying food and snacks.
Gameplay: Transforms into a wolf. Can howl to provide buffs to everyone in range, or to immobilize enemies.

Meido The Meido

Name: ???

Age: 26

Works in a maid cafe. Has a strange obsession with knives thanks to an online game.
Gameplay: High utility, as well as ranged attacks with knives.