Progress Update: Windra's Endgame and Other Projects

Recent Events

Our next game, the first-person RPG, has been named Windra's Endgame. The website also has been updated, with site-wide HTTPS finally being added. A Tutorials page is also up, along with my first tutorial, Evented Fishing System, and more coming in the future. In addition, Gate of Providence v1.0.2 will also be released soon.

Windra's Endgame

I've been quiet about this game for some time now, at least on the dev blog. The scope of the game has been reduced. I'm aiming for a gameplay length of about 1-2 hours long. So far, the gameplay mechanics are complete. Graphics are mostly finished, but I may add some more decoration to the game environment. The only things left are writing the story (and putting it in the game) and the battle animations.

Honestly I've been dreading doing the battle animations. The battle animations in Gate of Providence took literal months to finish. There are also some visual issues and crashing going on in the game, which I can't seem to perfectly replicate (and fix).

Two "New" Projects

I'm announcing two "new" projects now. New is in quotes because they have actually been in conception during the development of Gate of Providence, unlike Windra's Endgame. These games won't be coming out any time soon, but more development time will be given to these games as Windra's Endgame comes closer to completion.

Rondo of Wizardry and Love

Rondo of Wizardry and Love is a tactics RPG set on Earth in the year 2027. It is a comedic game with a linear narrative. The story follows a thirty-year old man named Luciano who comes home to a portal in his home and his "wife" Homura missing. Stepping into the portal, he enters a new world and awakens his wizard powers... He and his friends then set out on a journey to rescue Homura.

This game is projected to be long (5-7 hours in length). A good amount of the sprites are complete, and I'm still ironing out some issues with the gameplay and UI. The script (story) needs work, but the story outline has been completed.

I usually work on this game when I'm procrastinating on my other projects.

Project Roguelike

The second project is an unnamed roguelike game. (Though it would be considered more of a rogue-lite to the purists out there.) The goal of this game is simple: reach the bottom of the great dungeon. The game contains random dungeons, permadeath, upgradable gear, hunger system, item weight/limited inventory, turn-based on-map combat, stat allocation, character customization, online highscores (hopefully), and more. Identification system is still being decided on.

This game is projected to be short/medium (1-2 hours in length but can take longer), with a high focus on replayability. The on-map battle system needs to be done, which may take a long time as I'll be eventing it.

Character Customization in Project Roguelike

Players will be able to customize their characters in this game. They will be able to choose their sex, skin tone, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, beards, and glasses. Clothes change depending on their equipment. The above video is just a demonstration of being able to change character "pieces". It works by combining sprite "pieces" using a composite character script, layering sprites on top of each other to form one sprite.