New Year, New Look

The Redesign

The website has finally been redesigned! I was not too happy with what I had before. Previously, I had a sidebar nav, while the contents of the page extended all the way to the right. This made reading long lines of text awkward, and also caused annoyances with layout when switching between screen sizes. I wanted to change it so the website would look relatively the same regardless of screen size or viewing device.

I opted for a modern theme. Text is centered and fixed-width. This redesign looks best on article-type pages like my tutorials or blog posts.

On the main site I added a "Resources" section. I plan on releasing some freebies like sprites and plugins in the future.


I'm not a CSS wizard, so I used a theme by HTML5 UP as a base. I made adjustments to the styling so the content width is much smaller. I also utilized some CSS variables to change the color scheme depending on the game - check out the pages for Gate of Providence for example. I no longer need to have a separate css file for every theme.

As a consequence of the redesign, the average page weight has gone up. This is because of the heavy CSS, due to it being generated from SASS (I assume). My old stylesheet was about 5kb, the new stylesheet is about 70kb. I don't think this is too big of a problem as it's only the size of a small image, and compared to other websites, it is still quite small.

And the Games?

I'll put up a status update in a week or so. I'll go over the status of each project I'm working on then.