Dreamshot Dissonance

Bullet Hell / Danmaku

Platform: Windows PC

Released: June 5, 2014

A 16-year old boy named Ayumu finds himself trapped in a dream. This phenomenon, known as a Dreamshot Dissonance, is the culmination of the regrets he had harbored in his life. Now, Ayumu must face his past and conquer his dark, inner self. Will he triumph over the seven sins of humanity? Or will he fail, never to overcome this Dreamshot Dissonance?

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Shoot down the enemies and do not let bullets hit Ayumu at his weak point. Grazing bullets, or bullets that pass through Ayumu, will charge the Lucidity meter. Activating Lucidity will slow down all bullets on the screen for a short period of time. Dealing damage to enemies will charge the Serenity meter, which when activated, will reduce Ayumu's size but increase his damage output. Bombs can be used to clear the screen of bullets and deal heavy damage, but are best reserved as a lifeline with the Autobomb function.


Arrow KeysMovement / Navigate Menu
Z KeyFire (Hold)
X KeyBomb
C KeyLucidity
V KeySerenity
Shift KeyFocus Mode (Hold)

Full Credits

Henry PanKyle MatsumotoHenry Pan
Henry PanEdwin H. Cheng
Henry Pan
Edwin H. Cheng
Nelson Lueng

This game was originally developed under the team name DreamMaku for a game design class at University of California, Santa Cruz.